February 20, 2009

May the Newbs be Safe

Well if anyone has been wondering what I have been doing recently, I've been trying to help the newbs out in the Amarr newb-miner-system. I've been taking down the can flippers before they took down a lowly noob... Well... They are technically newbs themselves, but that's not the point. ONTO THE STORY!

Days of sitting in this belt. Days of waiting. Days of sheer bordom. Days of rememberance. All of these adjectives describe my new assingment. I have been tasked with saving the new pilots from the ravages of can flippers the only way I know how; Killing them.

[Log Entry: 0135 - 02-20-09]
"Prospective flipper approcing at vecor 1212 zeta 1." My nav officer stated.

"Impairor." My targing commando said in his, and everyone elses, monotone voice. I would need to correct that.

"Lock him, make him shit himself away."

"Sir?" The first non-monotone I've heard in a long while, this had to be good, "He's red."

"Lock him down, kill the bigger."

Assault missiles left their tubes, and soon after one noob frigate poped before our eyes.

[Log Entry: 0137 - 02-20-09]
Read log 135, ship type Magnate.


  1. Anti-pi's are bums. Get a real job.

  2. I would, but this one has too many benifits... Like 0.0 access. :P I like teh iskies that come of it.