January 17, 2009

The Beginning

Well I guess I should start from the beginning, no?

It all started a few months ago. I had just finished my trainings in the Cardari State War Acadamy so I set out on a journy for the stars. I imagined I would be fighting in vast fleets back then, oh how silly I was. While I did fight, if was only vast force on the opposing side. Pirates hit me almost any time I left the security of CONCORD and the State and I almost never had backup... This led me to recive a few messages from myself... and a few more for the Insurance Company.

Well my heard grew cold over time, the loath for being destroyed grew oddly more than that for the pirates themselves. In time I set myself up with a small frigate called the Kestral. I do forget her name, lets call her Kessi, but I do remember that I shot nothing though her launchers. I spent all my time on Kessi's scanners seing if I could track down a jucy target to sink my teeth into.

Time came and passed, but with no avail. I never found a target and eventually I gave up and joined my second Corporation. (My first is unimportant, only know that they were very helpful in my start into the universe of EVE.) We did almost nothing in that corp, as it was tiny, and I grew weary. When members began to drop, I did the same and headed for my current Corporation, Caelli-Merced Inc, part of the Gunboat Diplomacy. They introduced me to a new world, a new side of low-sec space; The ways of the Anti-Pirate were born within me.


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